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10 details that should be paid attention to in the packaging printing plan

Accurate methods are used in planning and manufacturing, but they always make mistakes when they come out. Some mistakes and hard work can not find the reason. The reason for the original question is still the time of manufacture. Because these questions are often difficult to ignore, it is difficult to find the location of the question. In the middle of the world, you summed up the top ten places that are easy to make mistakes, and this is dedicated to those brothers who struggle to plan and manufacture the first line and go to the front line.

First, the RGB image has not been converted to CMYK results: most software (FreeHand, Pagemaker, etc.) will not separate the RGB image, if the RGB image is misused, the color separation film that comes out or only has a picture on the black version, other Some of the color version of the picture is empty, or there are equivalent grayscale images on the four color plates. Processing: If you use a scanner to support direct CYMK, it is best to scan directly to four-color files; if you can only get RGB, then you must not forget to convert RGB to CYMK before output. 诀窍: from the file name or It is hard to see on the file icon that RGB is still CYMK, and it is too much trouble to open one by one. Regarding the TIFF map, it is possible to judge the pre-view color of the picture from the typesetting or imposition software: CYMK's TIFF picture preview is contrasting and unnatural, and RGB is a contrasting natural color. As for the EPS map, it is difficult to distinguish from the preview, and you can only view it one by one without worrying.

Second, FreeHand fonts use Heavy (intensify), PageMaker fonts use Bold (bold) results: If the Chinese font in FreeHand uses Heavy, most of the conditions must be ambiguous; and the Chinese font in PageMaker uses Bold , it will definitely be a superfluous word with a tooth, and other fonts in the same PageMaker will also have doubts. Handling: Try to prevent the above effects. If the font requirements are bold, you should use the corresponding bold Chinese characters, such as the choice of bold or big black body. If there is no corresponding bold type in the real world, you can use the FilllandStroke in FreeHand, but there is an empirical formula, that is, the added word side cannot exceed 3% of the original font size. If the font itself is in bold, then this share should be smaller.

Third, FreeHand uses the wrong FilllandStroke (filling the pre-word edge) results: the use of FilllandStroke can make the font bold, but also can make the word have a different color word edge. However, if you use it improperly, it will form a paste, or if the word is too thick, the color of the word itself will be squeezed out. Processing: The word side cannot exceed 3% of the original font size. -[Composite bag]

Fourth, there are gray net results when black imprint: tell the output black version to be imprinted before the need to pay attention to whether there is a gray net in the file. Because if there is a gray net, the objects under the gray net will pass through. Other embossings specified in the file should also be noted, as the software in the current version does not see which objects have been embossed. Handling: Be careful when you are alive, don't fall into the trap.诀窍: When the gray is defined, add 1% yellow.

V. Misuse of EPS network results: 175 lines of output, but some lines are wrong. Processing: When saving the picture as an EPS, be careful not to pick up the screening information. At the same time, we must pay attention to other options. In some cases, the use of the EPS network can achieve some special needs, such as the role of the line network or intentionally use different network cables in the same layout to achieve special effects.诀窍: The picture is stored in the EPS color separation pattern, which can greatly increase the output speed.

Sixth, the wrong use of DCS pattern results:

(1) There is a picture in the non-printed manuscript, but there is no picture on the output.

(2) A picture of right and wrong when printing colorfully

(3) Although the colorful prints are colorful, they are very rough. Processing: The reason for 1 is that there is only the main file but no color separation file when outputting: 2 The reason is that the main file only includes the gray image of low resolution: the reason of 3 is that the main file includes a colorful image of low resolution.

7. Mistaken use of JPEG compaction results: There are pictures on the screen, and the output is missing after the output: In PHOTOSHOP, the TIFF or EPS pattern is stored from the beginning, and the PAGEMAKER is connected from the beginning.

8. Large maps are reduced to small maps and spaces are used in the headers, and spaces are used at the top of the table. Result: After reading the very text or table output on the screen, it will not be abandoned. Processing: The zooming chart in the typesetting software is very convenient, but the value is multiplied or several times the output time, so be sure to set the scale and resolution in the picture processing software (PHOTOSHOP), and then put in the typesetting software; With PAGEMAKER or QuarkXPree, these softwares have excellent indentation positioning capabilities and are able to make very professional and regular forms. As for the section head, it should be set in the rearrangement.

Nine, no English font results: the output font is replaced by the system font, go back and take a look: the computer uses more than 10,000 English fonts, so do not expect the output will have the English words you use. Therefore, the call and output intermediate recognition, if there is no output in the middle, then you must bring the font to the middle of the output. X. Misuse of the "Picture-PATTERN" result: There is a picture fill in FREEHAND that fills a regular picture within a certain graphic range. This type of picture is dot matrix. The early-equipped LEVEIIRIP imagesetter does not support this filled output, and the LEVEIIII imagesetter can output. But one thing to note is that you can't set colors outside of the field for it. If you try to set a c10%y10% light color, although it appears on the screen, the output must be 100% dark green.

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