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Basic knowledge of paper - kraft paper

Cow skin

Kraft paper, used as packaging material. High intensity. Generally yellowish brown. The semi-bleached or fully bleached kraft pulp is light brown, cream or white. Quantitative 80~120g/m2. The crack length is generally above 6000m. Tear strength, breaking power and dynamic strength are high. Mostly web and paper. Sulfate softwood pulp is used as raw material, and it is beaten and made on a long net paper machine. Can be used as cement bag paper, envelope paper, rubber seal paper, asphalt paper, cable protective paper, insulation paper, etc.

Special feature

Kraft paper is a tough, water-resistant packaging paper. It is brownish yellow and has a wide range of uses. It is commonly used in the manufacture of paper bags, envelopes, workbooks, record covers, files and sandpaper. The quantitative scale ranges from 80 g/m2 to 120 g/m2, and there are differences in single-sided, double-sided and striped with web and flat paper. The primary quality requirement is flexibility and robustness, high burst resistance, and the ability to accept large tensile forces and unrelenting pressure. Kraft paper has a high tensile force, such as single light, double light, stripes, and no grain. It is mainly used for wrapping paper, envelopes, paper bags, etc. and printing machine drum lining.

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