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Building a green environment

As white pollution becomes more and more serious, the voices that advocate green environmental protection are getting louder and louder. The invention of plastic bags a long time ago made the excitement at that time, they did not know how the invention would harm the current environment. But over time, people found that the plastic bags that make them admire the convenience are not naturally degraded, and they bring great harm to the environment. At this time, although the shortage of plastic bags is known, it can not stop people. Use a plastic bag. However, the environment is still continually deteriorating, causing some environmentally conscious people to abandon the use of plastic bags or to avoid the use of plastic bags as much as possible, thus creating the concept of making environmentally friendly bags.

   Eco-bags, as the name suggests, are bags that do not harm the environment and can be naturally degraded. Because white pollution has brought huge hidden dangers to the environment, more and more people are using eco bags. White pollution has been further controlled. However, although people began to use environmentally friendly bags because of environmental pollution, the environmental protection bags are not a substitute for plastic bags. It is really impossible to completely avoid plastic bags.

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