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Clothing paper bag printing, how to choose the right paper

Clothing is a necessity in people's lives. With the rapid development of the economy in the past few years, the clothing industry has paid more and more attention to the brand effect. Many merchants have begun to promote their clothing brands through various channels. Many merchants will take the opportunity to aim at the clothing paper bags. Use clothing paper bags to promote your brand.

Apparel merchants will communicate with paper bag printing companies before printing. The choice of paper when printing paper bags is very important. Today, we share with you what materials are commonly used in clothing paper bags, and what are the different materials.

1, kraft paper

The paper bag made of kraft paper is characterized by price and durability. However, the base color of the kraft paper is deep, so it is necessary to pay attention to the selection and distinction of the printing color in the design, it is best to choose some color blocks that are fierce.

2, white cardboard

The paper bag made of white cardboard has a higher price and is also the most high-end handbag. It has high strength and average color. It is commonly used to hold high-end clothing. It is the first choice for clothing label printing. .

3, coated paper

The paper bag made of coated paper is characterized by moderate fastness. Since the coated paper has high whiteness and gloss, and the printing suitability is good, the designer can boldly adopt various pictures and color blocks, and the advertising effect is good. After coating the outer surface of the coated paper with a light film or a matt film, it not only has moisture-proof and durable functions, but also appears more refined.

The above is the paper commonly used in clothing paper bag printing. According to the combination of your clothing positioning and your own brand, you can choose the paper that suits you, and then use the copywriting and printing process to make your clothing paper bag more practical. Enhance the value of clothing itself.

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