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Environmental protection bag _ environmental protection bag price _ environmental protection bag wholesale

Introduction to environmental protection bags:

There should be two aspects of the environmental protection bag. On the one hand, it can be reused with natural materials. On the other hand, if it is broken, it will not leave solid waste in the natural environment, causing harm to the environment (or the harm to the environment). Small for other materials). However, the general plastic bags are difficult to degrade after being discarded in the environment, and harmful substances are generated even if a small portion is decomposed.

The so-called eco-bags generally mean that the materials they are made can be naturally degraded, and the time of degradation is not too long. At the same time, the bags that can be used repeatedly can be called eco-bags.

Type of environmental protection bag:

In this society full of environmental issues, environmental protection bags have become a daily necessity for people. But how much do we know about environmental belts? Let us take a look at the small encyclopedia of eco bags.

The so-called "green bags" that everyone uses are roughly divided into the following categories:

1. Non-woven bag (can be called environmentally friendly after repeated use, and finally recycling this cycle) Canvas bag (it is the most environmentally friendly compared to other materials, no pollution to the environment)

3. Cotton bag (the same characteristics as canvas bag)

4. Flannel bags (mostly rayon-cotton polyester, just like the fabric on our clothes, needless to say)

5. Polyester vest bag (polyester cloth, similar to our common umbrella cloth, and lining for clothing, because the green bag made of this cloth is usually vest type, so called vest bag)

6. Other environmentally friendly fabric bags (the nature of linen and canvas is not the same)

Environmental protection bag standard classification:

Classified by shape: three-dimensional environmental protection bag, flat environmental protection bag (common environmental protection bag without thickness), environmental protection bag for the bottom organ (that is, environmental protection bag with thickness at the bottom, no thickness), complex (covered) film non-woven green bag , vest green bag, folding bag (pouch bag), rope bag, hand rope bag

Classified by pattern: net color (plain) environmental protection bag, color environmental protection bag, heat transfer environmental protection bag, eco-friendly bag, embroidered environmental protection bag, silk screen green bag (the most common environmental protection bag with printing color)

Classified by size: standard size green bag, mini green bag, extra large green bag,

Classified according to special requirements: custom-made environmental protection bags, thermal insulation bags, silver-faced environmental protection bags, and green shopping bags.

According to different age levels, the environmental protection bags can be divided into the following: cartoon-type environmental protection bags are suitable for some children, simple environmental protection bags are suitable for simple friends, and DIY environmental protection bags are suitable for some friends who like design, custom-made The environmental protection bag is suitable for some companies to cooperate with his products to sell, in order to achieve the benefits of publicity.

The characteristics of the green bag:

Environmentally friendly non-woven bag (commonly known as non-woven bag) is a green product that is tough and durable, beautiful in appearance, breathable, reusable, washable, silk screen advertising, long-term use, suitable for any company, any industry as advertising For gifts. Non-woven shopping bags have more economic effects Since the release of the plastic limit order, plastic bags will gradually withdraw from the packaging market of the goods, replaced by non-woven shopping bags that can be used repeatedly. Non-woven bags are easier to print than plastic bags, and the color expression is more vivid. In addition, you can use it more and more. You can consider adding more beautiful patterns and advertisements to the non-woven shopping bags than the plastic bags. Because the wear rate is lower than that of the plastic bags, the non-woven shopping bags are more cost-effective. And bring more obvious advertising benefits.

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