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Food bag manufacturers tell you why the food bag will leak

First, the food bag manufacturer said that the bacteria in the food bag often produce gas, which is one of the reasons why the food bag is up. Therefore, the food bag manufacturer must thoroughly sterilize the product before leaving the factory.

Second, the sealing of the food bag. After the food is bagged, the package should be heat-sealed in the latter process, and the quality of this process will directly affect the sealing performance of the bag. If the sealing is not strict, the food bag will leak, and the air will penetrate into the food from the leaking part of the food bag. This is another reason for the food to rise.

How to deal with food ups and bags

If the food bag leaks due to the sealing performance of the food bag, the quality of the package can be detected and controlled in time by means of detection. It can be tested using a seal tester. If the food bag is not well sealed, air bubbles may be observed leaking from the edge of the bag during the test. This test result can help quality control personnel to adjust production parameters in a timely manner, so as to strictly control the safety of the ex-factory food.

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