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Food packaging bags should be fresh and safe - a brief introduction to the packaging bags

Food packaging is considered by the industry to be a "special food additive" and an important part of food. It can be said that food packaging is inseparable from the modern food industry. Engaged in food packaging bags for many years of research and production, talking about food packaging such as several Jane. A food packaging bag is a film container that is directly touched with food and used to hold and maintain food. It uses food grade plastic film, usually two or more layers of composite data packaging bags, multi-layer co-extrusion bags, aluminum foil bags, paper-plastic composites. Bags, etc. According to the use of food packaging bags: general food, vacuum food, inflatable food, cooking food, frozen food, functional food and other packaging bags. According to the shape of the package, it is divided into: three-side seal, four-side seal, middle seal, back seal, self-standing bag, zipper bag, nozzle bag and so on.

Food packaging is the final step in the production of food companies. How the quality of food packaging is directly linked to food quality and safety and consumer health. Because the manufacture of packaging composite bags involves the professionalization of data science, design, plate making, printing, bag making, etc., most food companies use food packaging bags produced by packaging companies. Since the reform and opening up, the development of China's food packaging industry has been changing with each passing day. New materials and new technologies have appeared, and food packaging is dazzling. However, the packaging industry has doubts about the safety of the original materials, accessories and technology.

How do food packaging bags ensure the safety and quality of food?

1. It is the packaging film that conforms to the national standard and cannot be refilled.

The food company first has to clarify the demand for food packaging bags; the second is to find a custom packaging company to order processing. Because some food company personnel have short expertise in packaging materials and simply seek price, they are deceived from time to time. Taking compound bags as an example, many foods are used for vacuum packaging. The information on such bags should be at least one layer of nylon. However, some composite bags on the market are cut corners, there is no nylon material, but polyester plastic (PET) is used. Because nylon materials are twice as expensive as PET. The result is that the bag is very brittle and not soft, and the puncture resistance can be weak. The food package leaks and breaks the bag. Because of the small loss, the economic loss and negative impact are much higher than the cost saved by the purchase price of the bag. For example, the seven-layer co-extruded packaging bag of the new packaging materials should be at least two layers of nylon, but some use one layer, and the nylon content is low, and some also use smuggled waste materials, and more questions. These bags have poor barrier properties, are easy to crack, and are not resistant to high and low temperatures. There are still cases in the market where aluminum foil bags are sold to food companies in aluminum foil bags, and they need to be identified in time to prevent being deceived.

2. It is the food packaging bag that meets the food safety and quality requirements.

One. The food company should require the packaging bag production company to use the packaging film that meets the national standard. For example, the information of the composite bag should be green and environmentally friendly. Do not use dry composite plastic packaging containing harmful substances such as benzene, because the solvent is simple to soak the contaminated food.

Two. The food packaging should be flat. No scratches, burns, bubbles and wrinkles, no voids. Flatness is not only a beautiful demand, but also about the quality of the food. If the bag is not flat, the food package for high temperature cooking or low temperature freezing will simply crack.

Three. Printing should use green materials. QS standard food packaging should not detect benzene solvents that harm human health, but because benzene solvents are 30% lower than environmentally friendly benzene-free and ketone-free solvents, and the brilliance and color firmness are good, so many This type of information is also used in the printing of packaging bags, and there are often questions about contaminated food.

Four. The packaging company that manufactures the food bag should be qualified to produce a food environment to prevent contamination of the food bag during the bag making process.

3. It is suitable for food company food packaging.

The packaging bag production company should select appropriate packaging materials and processing technology according to the food company's product packaging requirements to prevent customers from increasing unnecessary costs. Take the grain packaging bag as an example. Nowadays, many miscellaneous grain production companies need to use vacuum plastic packaging with beautiful and fresh freshness. Some companies have chosen composite bags to keep the money low. However, in fact, the quality of the function of the multi-layer coextrusion data package of the multi-grain package is the same as the composite. Because the thickness of the composite material reaches 100 microns, and the thickness of the multi-layer coextrusion data reaches 90 microns, its puncture resistance, softness, and freshness are required to meet the quality requirements, and because the data is applied by hot melt technology, no viscosity is applied. Mixture, food safety is guaranteed.

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