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food paper bag:Marketing Trends to Watch in 2014

Marketing changes are coming next year and what’s not already digital will be soon. From social media to celebrity tie-ins, there are some trends we can rest assured will only get bigger over the next 12 months. Here’s a look at what’s to come in 2014…


Image Will Become Even More Important

No, not image but rather businesses who can convey their messages via images. If you can find a way to work your offerings into interesting photographs, charts, or even creative graphic design ideas you’ll be in good shape. From Instagram to Pinterest to full-color printed promotional bags, businesses with images to share are going to look more professional.

Mobile Will be Everything

If your business website isn’t already translating to mobile well you’re behind the curve. You don’t necessarily need a separate mobile site but your main website should be easily usable on a smartphone. Not only that, but you should spend some time thinking about ways you can incorporate mobile-ready coupons into your email marketing.

Promotional Products are Back

Not that they ever went anywhere! Some businesses shied away from spending on tangible giveaways in recent years to funnel more money to digital. Use promotional products to invite recipients to visit your social presences (like Facebook and Twitter) by having your logo and social handles emblazoned on the side of promotional bags, pens, and even mugs! People will always love giveaways.

branded shirtWearable Tech Products

“Wearable Tech” is an industry that’s been growing for years but it’s how marketers can use it that’s going to change everything. From LED-powered helmets that can display a message from behind to Google Glass, the most talked-about piece of wearable tech in recent memory, technology that people can wear is going to become the new branded T-shirt.

Useful Content Will Rule

In 2014 more than any other time, people will be using content marketing to actually inform and educate consumers. Particularly if your business is B2B facing, content marketing should be a big part of your strategy. And be sure to use everything at your disposal: micro-video, podcasts, and even white papers to give out useful, well-researched info that your customers will appreciate.


So, what’s your business doing to prepare for the 2014 marketing push? If you’re not planning yet you’re probably a bit behind. Whether you need promotional bags, a new website, or even a billboard ad the time to get started is now!

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