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Handbag printing color sequence application


With the continuous improvement of living standards, machines are gradually introduced into our lives. For example, the tote bag machine, the working principle of the tote bag machine is to transmit the sound waves to the welding surface of the workpiece by the welding head with high frequency oscillation, and instantly rub the working object molecules. The plastic melting point is achieved, so that the solid material is quickly dissolved, the textile can be neatly welded, the bonding force is strong, and the non-woven fabric is used as a raw material, which is fully automated and easy to operate. Do you have any opinions on the color sequence of handbags? Let's talk to you about the handbag manufacturer.

    1, handbags printed products have full version of the field, but also text, lines, patterns. Such as: wine boxes, pharmaceutical trademarks and other printed products, the printing color sequence is best to first print the text, lines, patterns, and then put the full version on the final machine, so as to avoid the paper thickness of the handbag, the print is not dry When the paper collides with each other and the back is dirty.

    2, the dark color is placed on the front print, the lighter color is placed on the back print, because the darker ink has strong hiding power and strong adhesion, it is printed first in front, which is convenient for overprinting, and the hiding power of light color Weak, it is not easy to observe when running over the back stacking, and the effect of overprinting is also good.

3, often in a printed product, there are halftone four-color electric points, and there are continuous tone patterns, text, lines, at this time, the electric four-color dots should be printed first, which is conducive to accurate overprinting and reduce paper stretching. Influence, and then print the continuous adjustment of the text, lines, patterns, in the printing color sequence arrangement to identify the primary and secondary, first difficult and more appropriate.

    4, the summer weather changes greatly, and the rainy season, to control the temperature and humidity of the environment, affecting the unevenness of the moisture content of the printed paper on the handbag, wrinkling; bending, squatting and uneven, will be cut before and after printing Paper baskets and semi-finished products are tightly wrapped in plastic.

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