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How do we choose the right kraft paper bag?

Everyone is talking about the future environmental protection trend is green, as the packaging industry is no exception. At present, there are two ways to realize environmental protection. One is to improve the reuse rate. Now the recyclable packaging box in the express delivery industry is in the process. In this range, the other is to produce new materials to replace the original materials, and because of the recyclable characteristics, kraft paper bags are naturally more and more sought after by major businesses in the trend of environmental protection, but kraft paper bags are also divided into Yellow leather, white cowhide and other materials, how to choose a material that is in line with the brand culture of your own company is also a big problem in front of the vast number of service sellers. Let's talk about it together.

First of all, from the color point of view, we are divided into white kraft paper bags and yellow kraft paper bags. However, white kraft paper bags and yellow kraft paper bags can be divided into several types. In the case of white kraft paper bags, he can be divided into white kraft paper and high white kraft paper. The difference between them is the depth of white, high white. For kraft paper bags, the color on the print should be more beautiful. The same is true for the yellow kraft paper bags. On this basis, some manufacturers have developed stripe kraft paper with stripes. Of course, there are also new types of kraft paper developed such as pearl white cowhide and coated white cowhide. These are all things we have to consider when designing. The color of the kraft paper bag can be printed in many colors.

Secondly, from the point of view of use, the classification of kraft paper bags is wider. We all know that because kraft paper bags are environmentally friendly, not only the clothing industry, but also the food, beauty and other industries are applied. Each industry has different requirements for itself, so the use of the factory is also targeted. Many functions have come out, such as oil-proof paper bags, waterproof paper bags, rust-proof paper bags, insulated paper bags, sticker paper bags, super-bearing paper bags, printable paper bags, etc. These functions can not be all unilateral dealers. Used, so when designing, we must know how to choose the features we need, so that we can spend the least amount of money and get the most value.

Then again, the classification of kraft paper bags is different according to the material. We all know that the paper bag material is not only related to the raw material, but also related to the number of layers, so the kraft paper bag is divided into recycled kraft paper bag, kraft base paper, composite kraft paper bag, wood pulp kraft paper bag and so on. Therefore, the material is different, the hardness and roughness are not the same, which has a great influence on the printing and so on. Therefore, we must first understand before making paper bags.

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