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How should the non-woven bag be maintained?

In our daily lives, a large number of people have a problem when using non-woven bags. Can the non-woven bag be cleaned after use? Will there be any bad influence on the bag even after washing? In fact, what I want to say is that having such a question is a good performance. It proves that the environmental awareness of this non-woven bag user is still strong. If anyone says that the bag has been used, it will be thrown when it is dirty, then it can only show that this person's environmental awareness needs to be strengthened. Therefore, it is very normal for some people to have such questions. Non-woven bags are environmentally friendly products, and they still have certain commonalities with ordinary plastic bags. That is, the material of the nonwoven fabric bag is also a bag made of a mesh nonwoven fabric formed of plastic pellets. The difference is that the lifespan used is different. If used incorrectly, the life of the non-woven bag will be greatly reduced. Therefore, even in the process of use, even a small non-woven green bag needs maintenance. This will lengthen its service life.

In order to lengthen the service life of non-woven bags, Xiao Bian provides you with several convenient methods for daily maintenance.

1. Avoid leaving in direct sunlight. Pay attention to the non-woven bag in a cool and dry indoor environment.

2. Do not expose any corrosive materials to non-woven bags.

3. In the process of use, the standard load-bearing capacity of the bag should not be exceeded.

4. After use, please fold the bag according to the default texture at the time of production.

5. If it is dirty, try to avoid detergent washing during the cleaning process.

6. If there is any dirt that is difficult to wash, if detergent is used, try to wash it with detergent without fluorescent agent.

7. Do not load sharp objects during use.

If you use these methods to constrain yourself during the process, I believe that no matter which non-woven bag can extend its service life.

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