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How to calculate the price of kraft paper bags?

Customers who often make kraft paper bags must have encountered such problems. The size of my own design has not changed much, and sometimes the size has become smaller, but the price has not changed. Sometimes I also print a thousand kraft paper bags, but the difference between the price of 1,000 prints and the price of 1000 models is very large. How are these problems caused? Today I will briefly analyze some of the factors that affect prices.

First of all, the price must be related to the utilization of your materials. We all know that paper cannot be infinitely wide and infinitely long. For transportation and use, it is necessary to set a fixed size. When we want to make a kraft paper bag, we must make an imposition. When your kraft paper bag size is put together and the raw material paper just matches, then your utilization rate is the highest; otherwise when your kraft paper bag size, fight If there is spare space between the paper and the raw materials, then the excess paper becomes waste paper. Although it does not produce benefits, it still needs to be calculated in your cost.

Secondly, kraft paper bag printing is unique. Sometimes you have a number that has a huge impact on the product. More than one number of kraft paper bags and unnumbered kraft paper bags are required for machine and mold costs. The price of the edition, although it looks very similar, but this is exactly two versions. The more the quantity, the less the cost is evenly distributed, so this is why the price of 1000 three models differs from the price of 1000 ones. For such a big reason, you think that the same design of kraft paper bags is useless.

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