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How to choose food vacuum bags

How to choose food vacuum bags? There are many ways to choose food vacuum bags. We will briefly explain which is the most suitable choice from materials, composite types and material properties.


1. Material requirements for food vacuum bags


Because it is the effect of vacuuming, and some need high temperature cooking, RCPP is the most suitable inner layer, AL aluminum foil can be added to the middle layer, the effect can increase the barrier property, shading, avoid food accelerated deterioration, the surface can be used most often PET


2. Composite types of food vacuum bags

For two-layer materials, you can choose PA/PE or PA/RCPP, PET/PE or PET/RCPP. For three-layer materials, you can choose PET/PA/PE, PET/AL/RCPP, PA/AL/RCPP, PET/ PA/AL/RCPP.


3. Material properties of the vacuum bag


The material characteristics of the food vacuum bag are moisture-proof, temperature-resistant, shading, fragrant, strong, and high barrier: blocking oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide. No pollution: no added binder, no residual solvent contamination.


Precautions for custom-made bags: determine the bag type, size, material, thickness, if there is a sample, and finally mail it directly to the factory, let the factory directly quote the sample directly.

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