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How to identify non-woven bags?

Many customers do not know much about the materials they produce when they make custom-made non-woven bags. And the materials on the market have become more and more varied with the evolution of market competition. So, how do we identify the material when we make a non-woven bag? Don't worry, Xiao Bian tells you a basic method of distinguishing cloth.

First of all, we must know that the material of the non-woven bag is naturally a non-woven fabric, also called a non-woven fabric. However, we generally call it a non-woven fabric. There are many kinds of non-woven fabrics in the nonwovens market today. There are new materials, common materials, and coating materials. And if you only observe from the eye's vision, you can only distinguish between the film and the film. It is visually impossible to distinguish whether it is a new material or a common material. In order to save costs, many merchants will treat ordinary materials as new materials to customers to process non-woven bags. Here Xiaobian wants to talk about the difference between the new material and the ordinary material. What is a new material? That is to say, in the process of raw material processing, the non-woven fabric without adding any recycled materials is called a new material. What is an ordinary material? It is to add a certain amount of recycled materials in the process of raw material processing, and the recycled materials mentioned here are discarded non-woven fabrics, most of which are recycled in the non-woven bag manufacturer and cut in the bag. The corners of the corners. Therefore, ordinary materials are generally cheaper than new materials.

Secondly, in order to be able to discern whether it is a new material from the non-woven fabric, we can feel the type of fabric from the feel of the fabric. Today's ordinary fabrics are relatively hard, and new materials are relatively soft. The difference between them is that the feel of the new material is much softer. It is close to the real knitted fabric, and the toughness of the fabric is better than that of the ordinary material. The pulling force is stronger and it is not easy to tear. But one thing, the same weight of fabric, the new material is thinner than the ordinary material, in fact, it is just an illusion. The texture of the ordinary material feels harder and feels a bit like the texture of paper. For the same weight of fabric, the ordinary material is thick, because the non-woven fabric is also made of plastic pellets. If the fabric is too hard, it will lose the flexibility and strong tensile force of the non-woven fabric. Sex. And this kind of technique is also a common practice for many bad businesses to cut corners.

Therefore, when we make custom-made non-woven bags, we must first conduct a basic test on the fabrics used by non-woven bags manufacturers, at least to identify them from the visual and feel, is not the fabric you want. If it is really impossible to distinguish, the general manufacturers have tensile testing equipment, as long as you know the normal tensile data of the non-woven fabric, you can measure what kind of fabric the merchant uses.

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