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How to make a waterproof non-woven bag?

Many people who don't know about non-woven bags will ask questions. Why are the bags made of cloth, how can they be waterproof? Xiao Bian now answers the question for the person who asked this question, what is the waterproof non-woven bag.

I believe that everyone who has been exposed to non-woven bags can know that non-woven bags are divided into several texture bags. In ordinary words, there is a rough, unpolished bag with a texture similar to cloth. This bag is made in the traditional terminology of conventional non-woven fabrics.

The other is that the surface is polished and it looks like a bag of oil. This bag is called a coated non-woven bag. At the same time, it is also called a waterproof non-woven bag. And its real processing is not to apply a layer of oil on it, but in the process of processing, a layer of PP film is coated on the conventional fabric, and its name comes from, so that is the case, so It is called waterproof non-woven bag.

So, how do you make a waterproof non-woven bag? Xiaobian first tells you how to produce laminated non-woven fabrics. The coated non-woven fabric is produced by first printing a graphic onto the film by a conventional gravure printing process, and then laminating the printed film on the non-woven fabric by a laminating process. The method requires an intermediate medium, that is, the graphic is printed onto the thermal transfer film or the thermal transfer paper, and then the pattern is transferred to the non-woven fabric by heating by a transfer device. A commonly used medium in printing type printing is a thermal transfer film.

After the film-coated non-woven fabric is produced, the roll-coated non-woven fabric material is placed on a fully automatic non-woven bag machine, and the complete film-coated non-woven bag is taken out from the material.

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