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How to print the pattern on the non-woven bag?

There are several ways to print non-woven bags for your reference.

1, silk screen (screen printing):

This is a common printing method, and the price is moderate, so many manufacturers adopt some methods. This printing method makes a film through the LOGO document, and then can use the film to make the stencil, and after printing the LOGO, the screen is made into a printing version before printing. It is very important when printing on the plate. If the plate is not good, the printed effect will be bad. The silk screen has two kinds of artificial silk screen printing and machine silk screen printing, which is an old printing method.

2, offset printing:

It is the abbreviation of machine offset printing. It is made by making a soft offset plate and pasting it on the printing enamel of the printing machine, so that one or more bags of LOGO can be used every revolution. This type of printing, the main speed is fast, and the effect is good, compared to silk screen is worse, but because of its lower price, more and more manufacturers use this printing method.

3, peritoneum:

The finished product processed in this way is usually called a laminated non-woven bag. The graphic is printed on the film by a conventional gravure printing process, and the patterned film is laminated on the nonwoven fabric by a film coating process. This process is generally required for patterned non-woven bags that require higher or more colors. It is characterized by beautiful printing, machine production and fast production. The finished product has excellent waterproof performance, and the durability of the finished product is better than the non-woven bag produced by other processes. Peritoneum: There are two kinds of bright film and matt film, but the cost is high.

4, thermal transfer:

Special printing in printing! The printing method needs to be completed by using an intermediate medium, that is, printing the graphic onto the thermal transfer film or the thermal transfer paper, and then transferring the pattern to the non-woven fabric by heating by a transfer device. A medium commonly used in textile printing is a thermal transfer film. This print is exquisite, rich in layered version, comparable to photos, but the printing cost is higher.

5, copperplate printing:

The copper plate printing roots have data indicating that it was first used in the Song Dynasty for paper printing, and the back non-woven bag also applied this process. The copper plate manufacturing process is more complicated and slower. It takes 6-10 days to make a copper plate, and its version fee is relatively high. However, the utility model has the advantages of long service life, good printing effect and high speed, so it is widely used.

6, sublimation:

It is a technology that transfers the graphic printed image to the surface of different materials by the action of water. The water transfer is divided into two types: water mark transfer and water drape transfer surface coating. You can print the pattern you want on a wide variety of objects. This is the most widely used printing. Just put a special film on the surface of the water and spray the reactants to put a new coat on the shape of the object, and the effect and durability are almost as good as the paint. However, this process cost is relatively high. The printing technology of Wanglai non-woven bag is to adopt this process.

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