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How to use the non-woven bag to better play the effect of the green bag

The use of non-woven bags has been rapidly promoted under the background of plastic limit orders. Because of its overwhelming advantages compared with plastic bags, it has quickly occupied the market and can be seen in various industries and corporate propaganda. The figure, the non-woven bag is more firm and more expensive than the plastic bag. Although the price is more expensive, the overall price ratio is still very high. With the improvement of the printing process, the price of the product is gradually increasing. The decline, at present, the price has been at the lowest position in history, domestic manufacturers have also experienced a variety of survival of the fittest, slowly in a stable stage.

 How to make good use of the environmental protection effect of a small non-woven bag? In the end, we still need to develop good shopping habits and develop the habit of carrying shopping bags. The quality of a qualified environmental protection bag is very forbidden, a brand new. The non-woven bag made of not only has no odor, but also has a very beautiful appearance. The load-bearing property is also very excellent. It can be reused many times during our daily use, so that you can visit the market once or once in a supermarket. Reducing several plastic bags will be a very large number for a long time, so developing a good habit is very important for environmental protection. Therefore, vigorously promoting the use of non-woven bags is very meaningful to promote the improvement of our living environment. Only the more people who use the power generated will be infinite.

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