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Introduction of main parts of vacuum packaging machine

The vacuum packaging machine is a commonly used rear-package setting equipment deployment in the industry. The same is usually the case in the food industry. It helps to extend the shelf life of the food and also promotes the group level of the product. The vacuum packaging machine itself is not huge, here is a simple introduction for the internal important parts, easy to use and maintain later, can also have a clear understanding of the vacuum packaging machine.

First, the upper and lower vacuum chambers and seals

    Nowadays, the so-called vacuum packaging machine is a cavity layout, which is composed of an upper vacuum chamber, a lower vacuum chamber and a sealing ring placed between the upper and lower vacuum chambers. The upper and lower vacuum chambers usually receive the aluminum alloy after casting and are subjected to milling or stainless steel sheet by folding or molding, and the upper and lower vacuum chambers respectively accept the combination of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The aluminum alloy has ordinary alloy and aluminum-magnesium alloy, the latter is resistant to acid and alkali and corrosion resistance, but the cost is high. The aluminum alloy vacuum chamber is processed by milling, the sealing plane and the sealing groove plane are very flat, and the vacuum chamber has good sealing performance. The thickness of the stainless steel sheet is usually 2-4MM. The thickness is thin and the pressure is easily deformed, which causes the weld to crack. The vacuum chamber leaks. Otherwise, the sealing groove is usually opened on the plane around the vacuum chamber of the stainless steel. Due to the influence of the processing technology, The sealing groove has poor flatness and the vacuum chamber sealing performance is correspondingly low. Therefore, in some models, the vacuum chamber accepts the aluminum alloy after casting and then seals the sealing groove. The lower vacuum chamber receives the thick stainless steel plate and is processed into a flat plate type, taking its strength and making up its short. When purchasing, the packaged solid, granules and other dry and non-corrosive materials can be selected from aluminum alloy, and the package is filled with soup. For materials with high salt and acid content, stainless steel or aluminum-magnesium alloy can be used. Material. The sealing ring usually accepts silicone rubber, black rubber, and a few low-grade products accept foam rubber. Silicon rubber has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good sealing performance, long service life, poor sealing performance of foam rubber, easy to fall off, and short service life.

Second, the upper vacuum chamber opening, displacement and equalization device

    Common vacuum packaging machines are available in single and double chambers. The single chamber is a flap type. There are two sets of brackets at the rear of the upper and lower vacuum chambers. The center has a long shaft with double torsion springs. Force, opening angles range from 45-75 degrees. The double chamber is reciprocating, and the lower vacuum chamber is divided into two left and right chambers. The upper vacuum chamber is supported by four connecting rods for left and right displacement. The four connecting rods are firmly fixed on the two long shafts, and the long shaft has a tension spring fork. The lower part of the two tension springs is positioned on the frame, and the upper part is positioned on the tension spring fork to balance the operation of gravity. The two long shafts are positioned by two sets of bearing seats, and the upper part of the four connecting rods are also set with miniature bearings. Therefore, the left and right displacement is very easy, and the pressure is slightly increased when the vacuum starts, and the gas can be actively opened after the accident. Supporting four connecting rods on the displacement upper vacuum chamber, the front and rear two of each long axis must be connected in parallel, and the left and right two sets of connecting rods must also be connected in parallel to ensure that the upper vacuum chamber is in the same vacuum chamber at any position on the left and right. The connection is parallel, otherwise, the upper and lower vacuum chambers can not be connected in parallel, the operating pressure is significantly increased, and the vacuum can not be created normally.

3. Hot-press sealing device and printing device

    The device is installed in a vacuum chamber. There are usually two groups, and there is also a group. The same single-chamber flap-type motion department is installed in the lower vacuum chamber, and the double-chamber reciprocating motion department is installed in the upper vacuum chamber. The device is mainly composed of the following components: the heat-sealed gas chamber frame is firmly fixed in the upper vacuum chamber, and the two ends have a guide column and a spring to form a reset device. The two sides of the hot-press frame have a guide sleeve, which is sleeved on the guide column and heat-sealed the air chamber. There is a heat-sealed air chamber between the frame and the hot-pressing frame (also called a vacuum chamber is an air chamber, and the heat-sealed air chamber is a chamber). The heat-sealed air chamber has a plastic water pipe, and the two ends are clamped by a pinch tube. Efficient bicycle rubber-water adhesive processing of a rickshaw inner tube, a gas nozzle in the middle, a hot-press frame with epoxy plate processing on the hot-press frame, two reel shafts, and a nickel-chromium alloy belt The shaft is crimped and the surface is covered with a heat-sealing varnish. The solid department device is mainly composed of a printing strip frame and a printing strip. The printing strip is made of heat-resistant silicone rubber, with a twill or straight line on one plane and a round or square hole on the other wall. The garden word or square character is embedded in this, and the high and low transparent production date is printed at the same time. If necessary, if necessary, the color printer is required to accept the ribbon printer.

Fourth, vacuum pump, vacuum gauge and vacuum solenoid valve

    There are two kinds of vacuum pump placement methods, one is built-in type, usually accept XD-020, XD-040 single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump, the same as the 400 type packaging machine accepts XD-020 pump, the 500 type packaging machine accepts XD-040 Pumps, some manufacturers accept two XD-020 pumps to replace one XD-040 pump to lower the cost, but the XD-020 pump is 2880 rpm, high speed, fast wear, short service life, and XD-040 pump It is 1440 rpm, the speed is low, the force distance is large, and the service life is relatively extended. The other type is external, usually accepting 2X-15 two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump. The pump has a high pumping speed and a higher vacuum than a single-stage pump. It is usually used for large production batches and high vacuum requirements, or It is required to be placed outdoors to eliminate exhaust pollution. The vacuum gauge usually accepts the front side of the axial direction, and is placed on the control panel or the front of the fuselage. It is commonly used for ¢60, with an accuracy of 2.5; ¢100, with an accuracy of 1.5.

    Vacuum solenoid valves usually use two, one is a 二5 two-position three-way solenoid valve, the important role is to control the upper and lower displacement of the hot-press sealing device. The other one is the 二15 two-position two-way solenoid valve. The important role is vacuum and heat sealing. After opening the passage, the atmosphere is returned to the vacuum chamber, otherwise the vacuum chamber can not be opened.

Fifth, time relays, transformers and exchange smashers, etc.

    Time relays usually use two, one to control the vacuum time, usually 30S or 60S; the other is to control the heat sealing time, often 5S or 6S. There are three commonly used types, one is JS14A-y external type, the body is placed on the electric circuit board, the adjustment knob is placed on the control panel; the other is the rotary type, the body is placed on the control panel, and the body has a large Turntable; another type of digital display, placed on the control panel, vacuum 0-99S, heat seal with 0-9.9S.

    The transformer usually uses two, the smaller one is the control transformer, the input is 380V, the output 220V provides the control loop power supply, and the output 6.3V provides the indicator power supply. The larger ones are heat-sealed transformers. The same is usually used for 400W for 400-type packaging machines and 600W for 500-type packaging machines. The input is 380V (220V for a small number of single-phase power supply packaging machines). The output is usually 20-36V in five steps. The 20V heat sealing current is small, and the five-speed 36V heat sealing current is large.

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