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Kraft paper bag development prospects

Kraft paper bag development prospects

The emergence of kraft paper bags has changed the traditional thinking that people can only buy more than the amount of items that can be carried by their hands. It also makes consumers no longer have to worry about not being able to take it down and reduce the enjoyment of shopping itself. If the birth of the kraft paper bag promotes the development of the entire retail industry, it may be exaggerated, but it at least reveals to the merchant that you cannot do it until the customer’s shopping experience becomes as comfortable, relaxed and convenient as possible. Predict how much consumers will buy. It is precisely this point that has caused the latecomers to pay attention to the consumer shopping experience, and at the same time promoted the development of the supermarket shopping basket and shopping cart.
In the more than half a century since then, the development of kraft paper shopping bags has been smooth and smooth. The improvement of materials has made the bearing capacity more and more attractive, and the appearance has become more and more beautiful. Manufacturers have printed various trademarks and patterns on kraft paper. On the bag, enter the shops of the streets and alleys. Until the mid-20th century, the emergence of plastic shopping bags became another major revolution in the history of shopping bags. Its sleek, more sturdy and cheaper manufacturing costs have eclipsed the once-looking kraft paper bag. Since then, plastic bags have become the first choice for daily consumption, while leather bags have gradually “retreated to the second line”. Finally, the kale paper bag that has passed away can only be used in the packaging of a few skin care products, clothing and books, audio-visual products under the name of “nostalgia”, “natural” and “environmental protection”.
However, with the global prevalence of “anti-plastic” winds, environmentalists have begun to look at ancient kraft paper bags. Since 2006, McDonald's China has gradually introduced a kraft paper bag with insulation properties in all stores to replace the use of plastic food bags. This move has also received positive response from other businesses. For example, Nike, Adidas and other original plastic bag consumers have begun to use high-quality kraft paper bags to replace plastic shopping bags.

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