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kraft paper bag:8 Easy Ways to Make Your Business Greener

Did you know that over 69% of all American businesses had ‘green’ programs in place as early as 2010? Being eco-conscious isn’t just cutting edge anymore, it’s a necessity, and there are probably a few ways you can easily make your business greener. Whether you’re looking to score points with eco-savvy customers or even just really care about your company’s impact on the environment, there are lots of simple changes you can make that’ll leave Mother Nature smiling.


Here are eight easy ways to make your business greener and more eco-friendly…

paperless1. Go Paperless.

For small businesses in particular it can be hard to transition to a paperless workplace. High-tech copiers and scanners can be expensive and the transition to non-paper communication can be a bumpy one. But it’s worth it! The average U.S. office worker prints 10,000 pages  a year.

2. Work With Greener Partners.

Odds are, your business isn’t in a vacuum. You probably source product from somewhere or at the very least, purchase office supplies. Spend a few minutes researching green companies you could give your business to – you’ll be making an impact!

3. Start Recycling.

No, not just paper (you’re already recycling paper, right?) Find out where you can recycle your business’s old electronics like computers, cameras, and phones in a responsible way.

tote4. Market Greener.

If your business actively purchases marketing materials, choose items that are green. For brochures, buy recycled paper, and if you’re purchasing custom shopping bags, consider buying reusable cotton totes instead of plastic. It’s the little things.

5. Check With the State.

In many states, the government will reimburse some of your green business expenses! In North Carolina, for example, the gov’t foots 15% of the bill when you buy green office supplies and equipment, so i t’s a good idea to check with the city or state before you buy something new.

6. Get a Filter.

If you’re purchasing expensive water coolers month after month or your employees love drinking out of water bottles, invest in a tap-mounted water filter for the office.

public transit7. Encourage Public Transit.

If possible, encourage your employees to take public transit to work. Offer monetary incentives for purchasing subway passes or work on creating a carpool plan that’s easily signed up for. You’ll save energy and foster community!

8. Do an Office Audit.

No, not your taxes! Have an energy provider come in and audit your office to find out if you’re leaking heat or possibly don’t have enough insulation. A few hundred dollars to fix problems now can save you big time on energy bills later as well as help the environment.

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