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Let the environmental protection bags work together with thousands of families

Nowadays people use disposable plastic products very widely. If you don't say anything else, just take a plastic bag. In the past, people went to the market to buy food, or went to the mall to shop, not to raise a basket, or to take a bag. Both economic and environmentally friendly. Now people go to the market to buy food, or go to the supermarket to shop, neither the basket nor the bag, the full hand is a plastic bag. Over time, it became a habit. Because of the use of plastic bags, it is convenient and easy.

I know you also use plastic bags, I also use plastic bags, and throw them around when they are used. You see, when it comes to windy winds, the sky is flying in plastic bags, the ground is running plastic bags, the branches are hanging plastic bags, the grass is lying on the plastic bags, the water is floating in plastic bags... It has become plastic The world of bags.

For a time, the red, white, yellow, blue, and black; the large, small, long, short, and other plastic bags of various colors appeared, or hippie smiles, or glare, or claws, Or dancing, these plastic bags are coming to us from the sky, are encircling us, are occupying our space, are vying for our territory.

For a long time like this, the role of plastic bags is not only the loading of vegetables, the loading of fruits, the loading of food or other things, but also the "installation" of people. It is said that the plastic bags that we use every day, if we spread them all out, we can pack the earth several layers. Therefore, discarded plastic bags not only pollute our surrounding environment, pollute our underground soil, pollute the water source of our rivers, but also affect our physical and mental health and even endanger our lives.

This is not an alarmist! The author urgently appeals to: citizens and friends, try to use less or not to use or not to throw plastic bags, home-made green bags, go shopping, buy food and carry green bags, or carry baskets. A force has also made a contribution to the cleansing of the environment around us. Replacing plastic bags with environmentally-friendly bags and letting eco-bags sing the protagonist will not be realized overnight. However, as long as we all have the sense of urgency and responsibility of “reduction of plasticity” and consciously strive to practice it, the environmental protection bag will definitely join hands with thousands of families.

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