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We want to create a uniquely designed art and bags for our customers.

Non-woven bag Christmas:Custom Promotional Bags Advertising

custom promotional bagsGetting the name of your company to the wider public is going to be a great way to advertise yourself. By using promotional bags this is going to mean that your customers will not only have helped you by purchasing in your store but will be carrying your name and logo wherever they go.

Stores have always provided ways for the customer to get their purchases home but at one time they were the cheapest and basics ones that could be provided. A plain brown paper bag without a handle would be the staple at most stores but then the realisation dawned that if a good quality bag was provided and the name and address and possibly logo of the company was placed on it, customers could use the bag again and do some advertising for you.

Promotional bags can come in all shapes, sizes and colours. There are ones with handles and some that can be expanded by opening out the fold that is at the bottom. For additional strength there are separate panels that can be put there.

Promotional Bags Are Long Lasting

Due to the knowledge that the bags are going to be used again and again if they are of good enough quality, store owners are opting to purchase the better products realising the additional benefits that they will get out of the small cost they have to make for the purchase of the promotional bags. Paper ones are still available but now they are much more up market and often have the name and logo on them. They will at least be used on the day that the item is purchased, but often they will get regular outings by those who want to do their bit for the environment.

Plastic bags have been condemned in the past as they would take so long to break down and would be a blight for generations to come, but with advances in their manufacture they can now be recycled after their useful life is over. They are strong and often attractive, so will be used on a number of occasions before they are considered too damaged to keep using.

Paper and plastic bags are small and lightweight so particularly for small companies they will be easy to store if there is not a lot of spare space. They can be brought in large quantities if needed and this could bring down the price but for some styles as little as 3000 can be purchased at a time meaning that there is not going to be a large outlay.

Some of the cheaper promotional bags can also be used to help to get you publicity in places away from your store. With conferences and charity events being held you could hand over some of them to allow the organisers to give out gifts or educational aids and for a small amount of money you will see your name across the area. The same applies to car boot sales, as sellers will always be looking for bags for their customers

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