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Non-woven bag non-woven handbags custom-made how to not suffer

Since the “plastic limit order” in 2008, the non-woven bag industry has developed rapidly for five or six years. There are more and more customers who need to make non-woven bags and non-woven bags. Some guests may be the first time. Customized non-woven bag tote bag, it is not very clear that the specific custom process, and occasionally will suffer losses is possible, the following for the majority of customers to talk about the experience.

    1. Shop around, compare a number of comparisons or prices during the purchase or transaction process.

    Non-woven bags, non-woven handbags, custom-made, just like shopping in the mall, the selection of goods should be more contrast. The same item, if you choose more sellers, there will be more feelings, and the chances of selection will be more. Through the comparison of the items of multiple sellers, it can be seen which seller's technology and price are more competitive. More market position.

    2. Understand the quality of non-woven bags, the thickness of non-woven bags is thick, and there are also differences in new materials.

    Non-woven fabrics are generally calculated in terms of weight per square meter, and are commonly found in the market at 60 to 150 g. Quality can be divided into new materials and old materials. According to the size of the non-woven bag, a bag with a new material and the old material will cost about 0.05 to 0.1 yuan. If the quality requirements of the non-woven bag are relatively high, it is more necessary to fully understand whether the fabric is a new material. Before you ask, you can ask if the manufacturer is using the new material. First, in order to ensure the quality of non-woven bags, the second is to avoid losses and avoid unnecessary risks.

    3. Request proofing, require manufacturers to make prenatal samples according to customized requirements before ordering.

    Nowadays, the competition in the custom-made non-woven bag industry is fierce. Some manufacturers may report the cost price or even the loss price to the customer in order to successfully take the order, and then cut corners in the production process of the non-woven bag, which has reduced the cost. purpose. In order to avoid this situation, the manufacturer must make a pre-production sample before customizing the non-woven bag, which is to ensure the authenticity of the manufacturer and to ensure the quality of the product.

    4. Conditions allow preference for older suppliers.

    Because non-woven bags of non-woven handbags can be customized, manufacturers can often replace non-woven bag manufacturers. Sometimes the old supplier quotation may be cheaper than a supplier's one or two cents a bag, then the order is given to the low-cost non-woven bag manufacturers, this is not advisable. If the old supplier is not because of the quality of the bag, but because of the choice of the supplier for one or two cents, the result may be due to small losses, not worth the candle.

    Sinceyoungpackage is one of the most professional non-woven bag manufacturers in China. It has successfully cooperated with at least 5,000 foreign trade companies, wholesale companies, trading companies, gift companies, advertising companies and self-employed owners across the country. Our products are novel in style, diverse in variety, high in quality and low in price. They are favored by domestic and foreign customers. The service area has been spread all over the country. We will use "three high" and "one low", that is, high-quality products, high-efficiency services, high-quality management, and low-priced finished products to satisfy customers. We always adhere to the customer satisfaction as a guide, we must analyze the customer's needs from the customer's point of view, from the customer's point of view rather than the company's own interests and opinions, and do our utmost to fully respect and safeguard the customer's interests. We are willing to go hand in hand, achieve a win-win situation, seek common development, and create a better future.

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