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Non-woven bags are used in many ways

Non-woven bags (also known as non-woven bags, English: Nonwovenbags) is a green product that is tough, durable, beautiful in appearance, breathable, reusable, washable, silk screen advertising, taro, and long service life.

The product is made of non-woven fabric. It is a new-generation environmentally friendly material. It has the characteristics of moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light weight, non-combustible, easy to decompose, non-toxic and non-irritating, rich in color, low in price and recyclable. The material can be naturally decomposed after being placed outdoors for 90 days, and the indoor life is up to 5 years.

It is non-toxic, odorless, and has no leftover substances when burned, so it does not pollute the environment and is internationally recognized as an environmentally friendly product that protects the earth's ecology. Use classification

According to the product use, it can be divided into:

1. Non-woven bag series: non-woven bags, non-woven handbags, non-woven shopping bags, etc.

2, non-woven bag series: non-woven paper bags, green shopping bags, packaging bags, non-woven handbags.

3, non-woven products series: non-woven storage boxes, non-woven storage boxes, non-woven suits - non-woven suits.

4, jewelry bag series: gift bag rope bag jewelry bag velvet bag, perfume bag pen bag jewelry bag and so on.

5, apron series: advertising apron, polyester apron, cotton apron, PVC apron, hanging net apron.


1, first of all to confirm the tonnage of non-woven fabrics such as: 80 grams 90 grams 100 grams (note to prevent businesses from falsely reporting grams on the fabric)

2, calculate the non-woven fabric formula length * width * grams * tons

(40*30*80g*12300/1 tons)

3, printing calculation, non-woven bags are best not to use silk printing, not only low price is not environmentally friendly, generally monochrome in 0,8-1,5 or so

Two-color *2

4, work has ultrasonic heat, the car line, if you use ultrasound within 1 hair, the car line is around 3 hair

Such a non-woven bag can calculate the price.

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