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We want to create a uniquely designed art and bags for our customers.

non-woven laundry bag:Customised cotton bags

As you will have seen on our webpage, we have so many different products to offer – it’s not all about T-shirts! And this week we’ve decided to show off some of our recent work with customised cotton bags as they’re hugely popular for all occasions!

Everyday more and more designers, bands, independent clothing lines etc. are choosing to create their very own personalised cotton tote bags. And why not? They’re recyclable, economic and can be used for just about anything!

Personalised cotton tote bags

Plus creating printed cotton bags is ideal for those wishing to cut back on their use of plastic bags and therefore increase your environmentally-friendly behaviour!

As you’ll see from our varied online bags catalogue, you can choose from a large selection of colours. However, many of our clients tend to stick to the vintage cream-coloured style because it is very fashionable at the moment and highly popular in all kinds of events.

One of our client’s, the admired illustrator Magoz, decided to print one of his well-known designs on cream-coloured tote bags to use as a promotional gift during a recent exhibition of his work.

Screen printed bags

Other uses of these types of personalised bags are for wedding gifts, company giveaways, conferences etc.

Additionally, one of our regular Portuguese clients, this year, decided to create these fantastic personalised cotton bags for their Easter project which involved an order for natural-coloured bags with 4-colour screen-printing, take a look at the brilliant final result:

Wedding gifts

Printed cotton bags

For these two orders, we used the very practical Joytex Riad model with long straps:

100% cotton


Recyclable for everyday use!

Another of our clients, all the way from Italy, had these printed bags with short straps produced to use as a gift for their customers with their company logo printed in 1-colour screen-printing in the centre with a few other sponsoring company logos below.

Customised cotton bags

Personalised cotton bags

The bags used here was the Joytex Shanghai model with short straps:

100% cotton


Large and resistant

And don’t forget, if this style isn’t quite what you’re looking for, we’ve a range of different types of bags for personalising in our online bags catalogue including rucksacks, gymsack drawstring bags, document holders, briefcases, smaller gift bags etc.

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