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We want to create a uniquely designed art and bags for our customers.

non woven t shirt bag:Personalised shoulder bags

Amongst our vast range of garments for personalising, we’ve a range of different style bags to choose from which you can see in our online bag catalogue. This week, we bring you some fantastic CAD-cut vinyl personalised shoulder bags.

Personalised shoulder bags

Printed bags

These stylish shoulder bags for personalising are great for men and women, meaning they can be used both for promotional giveaways, corporate gifts and designers’ textile lines. Especially, bearing in mind they’re available in 4 discreet colours – perfect for conferences or trade shows.

This week’s client chose the Sols Easy Shoulder Bag model which is made of 100% polyester allowing for personalisation in screen-printing for simple images or texts with few colours or in CAD-cut vinyl, as chosen by this client, for more colourful designs.

Sols easy shoulder bag

Shoulder bags for personalising

These trendy wallet bags have both an outside pocket and a central zipped compartment for all your daily necessities: wallet or purse, phone, keys, lipstick, headphones etc. Also they can be adapted to the appropriate size with the adjustable shoulder strap.

This italian client chose to print their association’s logo in CAD-cut vinyl as they wanted to include various colours – different tones of blue, yellow and the italian flag with the typical green, white and red. If your design or club logo contains many colours and you don’t want to simplify it, don’t hesitate to send us a picture and we’ll let you know the best personalisation technique for your specific design.

Customised shoulder bags

Often CAD-cut vinyl is thought of as the cheapest, low quality printing technique but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality it has come a long way in recent years meaning it is now a fairly long-lasting, top quality printing method.

CAD-cut vinyl

Bags CAD-cut vinyl

Another advantage is that we’re able to print using CAD-cut vinyl on all types of garments including bags, t-shirts, jumpers, sports wear, work wear, bandanas etc.

As you can see from this example, although it is a textile printing technique which is noticeable to the touch, the result is not so obviously plastic as people think which means it can be used for both small orders of personalised garments for private use and large orders for advertising and publicity events.

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