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Printing plate making four color separation principle

There are thousands of colors on the screen, such as color drawings or color photos. It is almost impossible to print this tens of thousands of colors in one color. The four-color printing method is used for printing. That is, the original is first color-decomposed and divided into four colors of cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y), and black (K), and then the color is synthesized.

The so-called "separation" is based on the principle of subtractive color method, using the red, green and blue color filters to selectively absorb the color light of different wavelengths, and the original is decomposed into yellow, yellow and blue primary colors. In the color separation process, the color light absorbed by the color filter is just the complementary color light of the color filter itself, so that on the photographic film, a negative film of the black and white image is formed, and then the screen is added to form a negative dot of the dot, and finally the color is copied and dried. Plate. This is the earliest principle of photographic color separation.

Because of the development of printing technology, we can now color, sample and convert the original color into digital information through prepress scanning equipment, that is, the original color is decomposed into red (R), green (G), and the same method as photolithography. Blue (B) three colors, and digitized, and then use the computer to mathematically decompose the digital information into four colors of c (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y), and black (K).

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