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shopping bag paper:You Need a Motivated Sales Staff. Here’s How to Do it.

Sales is a tough grind. Between the constant “nos” the pressure to meet figures and the endless travel it’s a tough life being a salesperson. In fact, studies show that people in the sales profession are generally some of the most unhappy in the country…and that’s a shame! There are plenty of ways to help motivate your salespeople to perform better and attain higher job satisfaction. Here’s how to implement them.

Be Sure Your Sales Team Knows What to Expect

The #1 reason all employees say they they’re unhappy at work is because they’re confused about what’s expected of them. The good news is, sales is relatively easy to quantify so you should be able to come up with some nice round numbers to assign your staff as goals! On top of that, give them clear, detailed expectations for everything from sales calls to inbound leads and have monthly meetings (at least) to talk about your progress.

tote bagRecognize Them for a Job Well Done

It’s easy to fall into the rut of criticizing your employees when the mess up but not being chatty enough when they do something right. Of course, you should always strive to thank and congratulate an employee when they specifically succeed at something but why no take the extra step to praise them before they do anything good, just to say you appreciate their work? A custom tote bag with the company logo, a gift certificate for a restaurant you know they love, or even an unexpected bonus go a long way to deepen employee loyalty.

Help Them Sell From Afar

Don’t make selling your brand more difficult for your salespeople. Give them the ammunition they need to close the deal whether that’s giveaway branded promotional products, better training on the back-end, or a more-robust office staff to process the logistics of a sale once they get a “yes.” Sales people are good at sales, not all the filler. Let them do their job and watch your business grow!


Make Their Travel Easier

If your salespeople travel, whether it’s car travel or across the country, you’ve got to recognize their sacrifice. Give your employees incentives to want to travel for you: let them keep their own hotel miles, upgrade their rental cars, or even let them take 5-day weekends once a month spend more time with their families. Showing you realize how hard they work for you is a step in the right direction.


Salespeople are some of the hardest working folks in the business and they deserve recognition. A little bit of pre-planning and a lot of “thanks” goes a long way towards making your employees more productive and your business more successful.

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