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The dispute between paper bags and paper film, delivery standards determine everything

As far as the near-month contract is concerned, the market has been entangled in the problem of delivery targets. Since the 80# specification of the optimal grade paper plus film and the market paper bag 80# fruit spot has a price difference of 2000-2500 yuan / ton, the paper plus film apple reaches the delivery standard The required sorting cost is extremely high, and the fragile paper-coated apple needs to be re-inspected twice in the next 20 days to complete the delivery process. This makes the amount of paper-coated film that can be delivered in recent months is very small, and it is difficult to Near-month contracts form pricing, and the near-month contract will return to the mainstream paper bag 80# delivery price. The current cost of this type of apple is at least 8,000-9000 yuan/ton. On July, the July contract still needs to consider natural loss, interest. , storage fees, etc., the cost is further increased. Therefore, the near-month contract has a relatively clear spot return requirement.


Costs consistent with delivery standards are generally high


Apple's benchmark delivery products are required to meet the red Fuji apples of Grade 1 and above in accordance with the National Standard of the People's Republic of China (GB/T 10651-2008), in which the quality tolerance is not more than 5%, abrasion and crushing The proportion of the unsatisfactory fruit of the stab wound is not required. The delivery hardness of the delivery warehouse and the car board is required to be 6 Kgf/cm^2 or more.

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