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The regular "opening method" of non-woven bags

1. Choose a non-woven bag with excellent quality:

When many people use non-woven bags as daily shopping bags, they find that the non-woven bags are very short-lived, the service life is very short, easy to break and tear, and the waterproof performance is not good. Here, I remind you to use non-woven bags as promotional gifts. Enterprises, do not covet small and cheap, choose the production technology is excellent, well-equipped non-woven bag manufacturers, extend the service life of non-woven bags, only in the use of far more than plastic bags, in order to reflect the value of environmental protection, this It is one of the hard conditions for non-woven bags as environmental protection bags.

2, enhance the habit of carrying non-woven bags out of the door:

Although there are more and more non-woven bags in the public, many people always forget to carry them when they go out. The first is inconvenient. Most of the existing non-woven bags in the market are not easy to fold. After they are used up, they need to be used. It takes a certain amount of time to fold into small squares. Otherwise, it is a bulging sac. I don’t know which pocket to put. The folded non-woven bag recommended here is added with embossing function during the production process, so that the non-woven bag can be easily folded into a wallet. The size, easy to carry in the pocket, easy to carry; the second is not beautiful, saying that the beauty of the heart is there, a shopping bag with a visual effect is not good, take out without face.

3, arrange the non-woven bag, placed in the prominent position at the door:

Folded non-woven bags are just a few of the rare non-woven bags. Most non-woven bags need to be spent a little time after the use, and prevent the door from being prominent. When you go out, you can take them at your doorstep. It is not easy to forget. Increase the number of non-woven bags used to protect the environment.

4. Rational use of non-woven bags as promotional gifts:

The effect of non-woven bags on corporate propaganda is very obvious, which makes many manufacturers choose non-woven bags when choosing gift packaging. It has beautiful appearance, many uses, good advertising efficiency, and can also be an “environmental enterprise”. What is the name, why not? However, the non-woven bag as a gift packaging has gradually become a trend of inundation, resulting in the public not paying attention to the non-woven bag, reducing the number of use of non-woven bags, once again reminding the majority of corporate users, when choosing non-woven bags as promotional gifts Please try to choose non-woven bags with excellent quality, beautiful printing and moderate size, thus increasing the number of non-woven bags and achieving the ultimate goal of environmental protection.

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