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The role of aluminum foil in food aluminum foil packaging bags

Food is indispensable in our days, and the variety of foods is increasing. Different types of foods are selected according to different food varieties, and packaging is also playing a very important role. Food packaging can help extend the shelf life of food, and the quality of the different raw materials is different. It is necessary for the aluminum foil bag to reach a certain sealing request, which also ensures the sealing degree of the aluminum foil bag, and a relatively strict sealing method such as heat sealing method is used.

The heat sealing method is a method of fusing two layers of aluminum foil in a continuous manner. This fusion is a method of combining two layers of aluminum foil into one layer without cracking or cracking, and there is no doubt that there is leakage, thereby completing the problem. Sealed request. The food packaging bag is a technical request made by the request of the utility, so that the packaging reaches a certain operational role.

There are many specifications for foil bags, not only of different sizes, but also their thickness, which also allows it to reach a specification for packaging requests. Different product packaging, the thickness of the packaging used is not the same, which is determined by the packaging nature of the goods, the thickness of the raw materials used for the strict requirements of the vacuum. Goods that are not requested for vacuum are relatively thin.

The greater the thickness of the aluminum foil packaging bag, the closer the function of the packaging. The more the packaging request can be reached, the packaging cost will be higher, and the packaging information cost is calculated by quality.

Food packaging bags are not simply made of aluminum foil, but are made of composite materials. The composite materials are made of aluminum foil and nylon, and some are made of four layers of co-extruded film. When food is used, it is often a multi-layered composite material. The reason for choosing multi-layer composite is to package food and insist on the quality of food. The other is to print rich colors and pictures on the food packaging. This also makes the food get a way to be recognized by the mall. The necessary path.

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