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We want to create a uniquely designed art and bags for our customers.

The same is a portable paper bag, why are you not as good as others?

The same is a portable paper bag, why are you not as good as others?

Handbags are one of the most affordable advertising media, and many merchants love it. But the same is a portable paper bag, why are you not as good as others? Today, Maihe Packaging takes everyone from the paper and customizes the top grade paper bag.

If you want a portable paper bag that looks like a grade, it is important to leave the printing process aside and the choice of paper. In general, the printing factory uses thick kraft paper, white cardboard, gray white cardboard, white white cardboard and copper paper in the printing of the handbag. Among them, the kraft paper handbag has good stiffness and toughness, and the surface is also good. It is rough and has a base color. It is generally not suitable for four-color printing. It only does some monochrome printing and does not need to be coated on the surface. White cardboard, gray-white cardboard, white-white cardboard and copper cardboard all have a common feature. The surface is delicate and white. It is suitable for four-color printing and can print very beautiful patterns due to the paper itself. The characteristics of toughness and water-repellent are usually coated on the surface after printing to increase its toughness and water resistance. The coated bag will not be degummed.


Handsheet paper smoothness is the most important printing performance. No matter which printing method is used, the paper surface printed by the paper bag itself is smoother and the image outline is clearer. Paper with low smoothness, because the surface of the paper is unstable, the printing plate cannot be evenly contacted, so the ink layer cannot be transferred to the paper well, which causes the printing image and text printing to be invalid, which affects the quality of the printed matter.


The amount of water printed on the carry-on paper bag also affects the print quality. If the paper contains more moisture, the strength of the paper will decrease. Under the action of external force, the fiber is pulled out, the formability is enhanced, and the drying speed of the print is affected. If the water content of the paper is too small, the paper becomes brittle and easily causes damage, and static electricity is also generated when the handbag is printed.

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