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Tote bag paper bag manufacturing method

Tote bag paper bag manufacturing method


Handmade paper bags, I believe that many places will see the use of paper bags to pack items after purchasing things. Only better use will make consumers feel the deep impact, will provide consumers with paper bags, and then choose shopping supplies. How do portable paper bag manufacturers make paper bags?

1. In the process of printing, you should pay attention to using the same ink, do not mix different inks together, if the two can not dissolve, it will affect the quality of the package.

2, in the printing to ensure the nature of the ink, to avoid direct sunlight, but also to maintain room temperature, preferably at 10 ~ 26 degrees Celsius.

3, in the process of the bag paper bag to print, ink, if there is no regular mixing, it is easy to display the connection, and then will affect the overall performance of the bag. But be careful not to dilute so that the printed product will be damaged by paint, it may be appropriate to add thickener adjustment.

4, in the printing process, also fully play the role of water, it can effectively control the viscosity of the ink, but also can play a balance of PH value. If the pH is not controlled at 8, adjust the pH to 5 or 9.5 with water or pH stabilizer.

5, handbag paper bag is a high-speed printing, printing speed, so that the ink drying degree also has certain requirements, if the speed of drying ink is too slow, you can properly add the dryer to improve its drying.

6. After printing, the equipment must be cleaned so that the ink on the equipment should be in the viscous cleaning position to improve the cleaning speed. If it can't be cleaned with water, it is better to add some cleaning agent.

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