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Types and applications of hand straps

Handbags I believe that everyone sees a lot in the market. The hand bag is the part that is applied to the hand bag as a bag handle, also called hand-pull. What kinds of hand straps are there? Let's share the introduction with the hand-held paper bag manufacturer.

Due to the difference in material and structure, the types of hand-held can be divided into PP rope, nylon rope, nylon rope, human rope (including needle rope, horse rope, core rope, twist rope), hand rope, card rope, Cotton rope and paper rope. Nylon rope is generally used for the handle of nylon bag plastic bag, cotton rope hand can be used for paper bag plastic bag, etc., paper rope handle is generally used on kraft paper bag.

It is understood that with the improvement of environmental protection management regulations and the enhancement of people's environmental awareness, the application of hand-held paper bags is more and more extensive, the demand for paper-wound wrists is correspondingly increased, and a batch of hand-held paper bags are also produced. Category, such as knotted paper rope developed by paper rope, cardboard paper rope (plastic paper rope), perforated rope, folding rope, etc.

1. Knot the paper rope: just cut the paper rope directly into the length you need, and the paper rope is directly perforated and knotted in the green bag to become the handle.

2. Card-head paper rope: Put a barb rubber buckle on both ends of the paper rope and directly pass through the hole of the environmental protection bag as a handle. The length is between 33cm and 100cm, and there are white, black and brown rubber buckles.

3. Punching the rope: A paper rope that is arranged side by side with a plurality of thin paper ropes, and how many strands of rope are usually used. There are 6 strands of -15 strands commonly used. The paper ropes are the same size and have a diameter of 1mm~1.8mm. They are made of fine kraft paper rope and the highest quality glue in the country.

4, folding rope hand: the two ends of the rope are bent at right angles, fixed on a single sheet of paper (sticker), as a handle.

In fact, many people still have insufficient understanding of hand-held paper bags, causing environmental pollution in the world. Therefore, we advocate that everyone should recycle again. Only in this way will our environment be better.

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