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What are the characteristics of the kraft paper bag?

High barrier: The use of high-barrier properties of different plastic materials to co-extrude the film to achieve high barrier effects such as oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, and breath.

2, stable performance: oil resistance, moisture resistance, high temperature freezing, quality assurance, preservation, gas, can be used for vacuum packaging, aseptic packaging, inflatable packaging.

3, low cost: relative to glass packaging, aluminum foil packaging and other plastic packaging, to achieve the same barrier effect, co-extruded film has a greater advantage in the cost. Due to the complexity of the process, the cost of the produced film product can be increased by 10-20% compared with the dry composite film and other composite films.

4, the specification is sensitive: you can reach your different needs for different products.

5, high strength: co-extruded film has the characteristics of stretching in the process of processing, plastic can be increased after stretching, can also participate in nylon, polyethylene and other plastic materials in the middle, so that it has a composite strength beyond the general plastic packaging There is no delamination peeling phenomenon, good flexibility and excellent heat sealing performance.

6. Small volume ratio: The co-extruded film can be vacuum-shrinked, and the volume-to-volume ratio is nearly 100%, which is unmatched by glass, iron cans and paper packaging.

7, no pollution: no added adhesive, no residual solvent pollution problem, green

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