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What is the surface of the coated non-woven bag?

What is the surface of the coated non-woven bag?

Many people believe that a coated non-woven bag must be a high-gloss surface. Actually not, you must know that the coated non-woven bag is also differentiated.

Generally coated non-woven bags are divided into two common types. One is a bright film and the other is a matt film.

It can be felt both visually and hand.

Bright film bag


The bright coated non-woven bag is visually pleasing, and the light seems to be clearer. The highlights on the surface of the bag can be seen on the edges and corners of the bag. And the printed pattern can be seen more clearly. From the feel of the hand, it feels very smooth, just like the film on the glass surface, there is no frictional resistance.

Matt film bag


Matte's coated non-woven bag, from the visual point of view, matt look gives a feeling of embarrassment, no matter from that direction, there will be no reflective highlights in the corners, but through The film looks not as clear as the light, just like looking at things from the fog, oh.

From the feel of the hand, it feels like touching on the rough concrete floor. It is not as smooth as the light, and the surface has granular things. Therefore, some people saw that the matt coated non-woven bag said why it is not bright, the reason is that he is looking at the type of coated non-woven bags.



In addition, not only the non-woven handbags are coated, but many other products are also coated. Therefore, the details of the processing of different product films are also somewhat different.

When the coated non-woven fabric bag is coated, it is necessary to adjust the temperature to the corresponding temperature.

If the machine temperature is not adjusted when the product is produced, it will affect the luminosity of the coated non-woven bag. The factor affecting the luminosity of the product is caused by water vapor at the time of production. In the production, in order to allow the water vapor to evaporate quickly, the temperature of the machine is relatively high during processing.

Influence brightness

In addition to the machine temperature can affect the brightness of the coated non-woven bag, the material is also one of the factors that affect its brightness.

Some fabrics have different thicknesses, and the reflective brightness of the film is different. Therefore, when coating the fabric, the pressure of the laminating machine should be adjusted according to the thickness of the fabric. The thickness is different and the pressure is different.

If the pressure is too large or less than standard, it will affect the quality of the film.

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