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What kind of material is white kraft paper made of?

The main component of white kraft paper: softwood bleached pulp; containing long fibers and short fibers, the long fibers used in China's papermaking are generally imported, but the origin is Chile, as well as Finland, the United States, Russia, Sweden. Since wood pulp can be directly used for papermaking in foreign countries, when wood pulp is imported in China, in order to facilitate transportation, all the wood pulp blocks are purchased, and then dissolved in papermaking. In these processes, wood pulp will lose a lot of water, so domestically Paper is inferior to imported paper in terms of pulling strength, so it is said that China is a big papermaking country, not a papermaking power.

Can kraft paper be used for food packaging? The main test is whether or not a fluorescent agent is added to the paper. Fluorescence is a carcinogen, and entering the human body for a long time causes cell mutation to cause cancer. Generally, the white paper is not added to the front paper, and its whiteness is not more than 85 degrees, generally 82, 83 degrees, and can be used for food packaging, (011 white kraft paper passes IMI food certification and QS certification); More than 90 degrees.

The main purpose

1. used to package food (this white kraft paper)

2. Make handbags, hand bags, shopping bags, (applicable weight is often 100G-200G)

3. Make envelope bags, portfolios (application weight is often 70G, 80G, 90G, mainly below 100G, no more than 120G)

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