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What should I pay attention to when printing non-woven bags?

Now the words green, environmental protection and low carbon have become closely related to our lives. Especially in first- and second-tier cities, people's living standards change in different days of the day. The corresponding environment has also caused a lot of pressure on our living environment. In our lives, the use of plastic bags is basically used every day in our daily lives. The high frequency of its use, the resulting white pollution, is undoubtedly the biggest pressure in the environment today. The emergence of non-woven bags has become a green and environmentally friendly daily necessities to replace plastic bags. Because of the environmental characteristics of non-woven bags, it has been well received by the public, which has led to the need for a large number of non-woven bags.

In the production process of the entire non-woven bag, in order to better reflect the environmental theme in the bag, printing is the key. Many merchants found that the printed pattern of the finished product and other information were not satisfactory when printing non-woven bags. Not achieving the desired effect. The biggest cause of this phenomenon is the problem of printing ink. The dryness and color difference of the ink greatly affect the effect of the printed product. In this regard, Shenzhen Xiongwei textile professionals reminded that in the printing process of non-woven bags, the choice of ink is very important, the same batch of bags, the same ink should be used to avoid the problem of chromatic aberration. In addition, if the two inks are used on the same product, and some ink properties are too different, there will be a phenomenon of non-fusion. In addition, in order to ensure the properties of the ink, the preservation environment of the ink is also very important. Avoid being placed in a place exposed to direct sunlight and store it in a dark indoor environment. It is best to control it at 10-26 °C.

Nowadays, the technology is developed, and the production equipment of non-woven bags is basically fully automated. Production is very fast, so the speed of printing is also very fast. In order to enable the printing quality of the bag to be superior, the drying speed of the ink is also fast. If the drying speed of the ink is too slow, adhesion may occur after the finished product comes out. Of course, if the ink dries slowly, a desiccant can be added to it to increase its drying speed.

In the process of producing non-woven bags, in order to better reflect that it is an environmentally friendly product, when selecting inks, please use water-based ink printing, and in the entire environmental protection bag printing industry, water-based inks have become the whole The mainstream of the industry.

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